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TSO-01113 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

The individual currently is employed by a DOE contractor, and that contractor has requested that he receive a DOE security clearance. Based on financial issues contained in the individual’s security file, the Local Security Office (LSO) conducted a Personnel Security Interview (PSI) with the individual in July 2011. PSI, DOE Ex. 13 In August 2011, the LSO issued the individual a Notification Letter, together with a statement (Enclosure 2) setting forth the information that created a substantial doubt about his eligibility to hold a DOE security clearance. (DOE Ex. 1). Specifically, the LSO alleges that, as of July 2011, the individual had not filed his federal tax return for 2010 and had not requested an extension of the April 15, 2011, deadline for filing that return. The LSO also alleges that the individual has current tax debts and other delinquent debts totaling more than $15,000. In addition, the letter states that the individual has exhibited financial irresponsibility, including an established pattern of unwillingness or inability to satisfy his debts. These alleged actions raise security concerns that the individual has engaged in unusual conduct or is subject to circumstances which tend to show that he is not honest, reliable or trustworthy under the provisions of 10 C.F.R. § 710.8(l) (Criterion L). Enclosure 2, DOE Ex. 1.