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PSH-14-0045 - In the Matter of Personnel Security

On July 30, 2014, an OHA Administrative Judge issued a decision in which he concluded that an individual’s security clearance should be not restored.  A Local Security Office (LSO) conducted a Personnel Security Interview of the individual to address concerns regarding his financial irresponsibility.  After the interview, the LSO cited to the individual for his: 1) outstanding federal and state tax debt totaling $70,105.08; 2) delinquent and unpaid debts totaling $370,280.04; 3) pattern of financial irresponsibility; and 4) failure to report his 2013 wage garnishment with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to the DOE personnel security. While, the Administrative Judge found that the individual mitigated the concerns regarding his failure to report the wage garnishment, he found that the individual did not sufficiently resolve the security concerns related to his financial debt.  Specifically, the individual did not a prove a majority of his debts have been taken care of, and he still has a large amount of federal tax debt, in addition to his various other debts.  Moreover, he only recently began to start paying off some of his debts, and therefore, has not established a sustained pattern of financial responsibility.  Hence, the Administrative Judge did not restore the individual’s access authorization.

W. M. Schwartz - Administrative Judge