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PSH-14-0033 - In the Matter of Personnel Security

On July 3, 2014, an OHA Administrative Judge issued a decision in which he determined that the DOE should restore an individual’s access authorization.  As security concerns under Criterion H of 10 CFR Part 710, a Local Security Office (LSO) cited a DOE psychiatrist’s diagnoses of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Delusional Disorder.  The Administrative Judge found that the individual had resolved the concerns related to these mental health conditions.  The individual is now receiving counseling and has not experienced any symptoms of PTSD, including any suicidal ideations, for more than six months.  In addition, the individual’s last symptoms of Delusional Disorder occurred roughly four-and-a-half months before the hearing, and at the hearing, the DOE psychiatrist rendered an opinion that the individual was now in control of the disorder and not displaying any defects in judgment.

William M. Schwartz - Administrative Judge