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PSH-13-0114 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

On January 23, 2014, an OHA Administrative Judge issued a decision in which he determined that an individual’s DOE access authorization should not be restored.   The Individual had a history of two alcohol related arrests and A DOE Psychologist subsequently diagnosed the Individual with Alcohol Use Disorder (Moderate Severity).  At the hearing, the Individual unsuccessfully attempted to show that he had received sufficient treatment and that he had abstained from using alcohol for a sufficient period of time to show that he was reformed or rehabilitated from his Alcohol Use Disorder.  However, the record showed that the Individual had not complied with the post-discharge treatment recommendations of the Intensive Outpatient Program he had attended, and that he had only abstained from alcohol use for a period of seven months and seven days at the time of the hearing.  Accordingly, the Administrative Judge found that the Individual has not mitigated the security concerns raised by his arrests and the DOE Psychologist’s findings.    

Steven Fine - Hearing Officer