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PSH-13-0112 - In the Matter of Personnel Security

On January 22, 2014, an OHA Administrative Judge issued a decision in which he determined that an individual’s DOE access authorization should not be granted.  During a personnel security interview, the individual estimated that he was intoxicated twice during a typical month.  A DOE Psychologist subsequently diagnosed the individual with Alcohol-Related Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) and noted that the individual habitually used alcohol to excess.  At the hearing, the Individual unsuccessfully attempted to rebut his admission that he would become intoxicated twice a month. The Individual also unsuccessfully attempted to contradict the Alcohol-Related Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) diagnosis, by presenting the testimony of his own expert, a physician who had treated the individual for a previous substance abuse issue.  Accordingly, the Administrative Judge found that the Individual has not mitigated the security concerns raised by his admissions and the DOE Psychologist’s findings.   

Steven Fine - Hearing Officer