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PSH-13-0043 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

On July 9, 2013, an OHA Hearing Officer issued a decision in which he determined that the DOE should restore an individual’s access authorization.  As security concerns under Criteria H and J of 10 CFR Part 710, a Local Security Office (LSO) cited a DOE Psychiatrist’s diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder and Alcohol-Related Disorder (Not Otherwise Specified),  a history of annual alcohol intoxication, and an October 2012 event in which the individual self-treated his depression with sleeping pills and beer.  The Hearing Officer found that the individual had resolved the concerns related to his depression and inappropriate alcohol use as a result of his voluntary treatment following the October 2012 event.  Mental health professionals’ opinions at the hearing, as well as evidence of self-realization, internal motivation and a solid support system, supported this finding.

William Schwartz - Hearing Officer