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PSH-12-0095 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

hOn November 29, 2012, an OHA Hearing Officer issued a decision in which he determined that the DOE should not restore an individual’s access authorization.  As security concerns under 10 CFR Part 710, a Local Security Office cited the individual’s omission of numerous debts in answer to questions regarding his finances on Questionnaire for National Security Positions (QNSP), information omitted from a March 2006 response by the individual to a Letter of Interrogatory (LOI), and the individual’s history of financial difficulties.  The Hearing Officer found the individual’s omission of information requested on his QNSP raised concerns that the individual had not resolved.  Specifically, the Hearing Officer did not find credible the individual’s claim that these omissions were not deliberate.  In addition, because of both the continued risk of the individual’s future financial instability, and the issues of judgment of reliability raised by his behavior related to finances, the Hearing Officer could not find that the individual has resolved the concerns in this case related to his handling of finances.

Steven Goering - Hearing Officer