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PSH-12-0009 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

The individual began his DOE-related job in August 2006. Ex. D at 19, 53, 70-71. In a September 2007 personnel security interview (PSI), the individual stated that he had been charged with Possession of Marijuana in December 1995 and Minor in Possession in July 2001. See Ex. 8 at 20, 78-79. On his September 2011 QNSP, he denied that he had ever been charged with or convicted of an alcohol or drug-related offense. Ex. 11. In a November 2011 Letter of Interrogatory, the local security office (LSO) asked the individual why he had not acknowledged his December 1995 charge for Possession of Marijuana and his July 2001 charge for Minor in Possession. Ex. 9. In response, the individual indicated that he had been charged with Possession of Marijuana. But he denied having been charged with Minor in Possession; he claimed that his brother had been charged and had used his identity.