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PSH-11-0010 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

The Individual is employed by a DOE contractor and has held a DOE access authorization for several years. DOE Exhibit (Ex.) 13 at 2. In June 2011, the Individual was cited for Disorderly and Lewd/Immoral Indecent Conduct (Disorderly Conduct). Ex. 9 at 2; Ex. 8 at 1. This disclosure prompted the Local Security Office to conduct a Personnel Security Interview (PSI) with the Individual in July 2011 (07/2011 PSI). Ex. 14. After the PSI, the LSO referred the Individual to a DOE consultant-psychologist (“the DOE Psychologist”) for an evaluation. The DOE Psychologist evaluated the Individual in August 2011 and issued an evaluative report concerning the Individual that included an analysis of the Individual’s use of alcohol.