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Mission – OE's Core Purpose, Why OE Exists
OE drives electric grid modernization and resiliency in the energy infrastructure.

OE leads the Department of Energy’s efforts to ensure a resilient, reliable, and flexible electricity system. OE accomplishes this mission through research, partnerships, facilitation, modeling and analytics, and emergency preparedness.

Vision – OE’s Aspirations for the Future
OE recognizes that our Nation's sustained economic prosperity, quality of life, and global competitiveness depend on access to an abundance of secure, reliable, and affordable energy resources. Through a mix of technology and policy solutions, we will address the changing dynamics and uncertainties in which the electric system will operate.  We will leverage effective partnerships, solid research, and best practices to address diverse interests in achieving economic, societal, and environmental objectives.

Advanced Grid Integration (AGI)

The Advanced Grid Integration Division leads OE’s grid modernization efforts to foster the deployment of smart grid systems and technologies to enhance the reliability, efficiency, and security of the Nation’s electric power grid. The Division manages the smart grid investment projects and advances smart grid interoperability and cybersecurity through standards, information exchange and initiatives that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of grid modernization investments.

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Power Systems Engineering Research & Development

2008 Grid Friendly Appliance Controller

The Power Systems Engineering Research and Development Division is responsible for the development and management of projects for “next generation” electricity delivery technologies and supporting activities to accelerate their introduction to the marketplace.

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Energy Infrastructure Modeling and Analysis (EIMA)

The Energy Infrastructure Modeling and Analysis Division supports the development of a reliable, secure, resilient, and advanced U.S. energy infrastructure through a range of activities, including electric system modeling, synchrophasor-based tool development, transmission reliability research, reliability assessments, energy security modeling and visualization, and energy infrastructure risk analyses.

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National Electricity Delivery Division (NEDD)

Unbiased Technical Assistance

The National Electricity Delivery Division (NEDD) leads the Department's efforts to provide technical assistance to states, regional entities, and tribes to help them develop and improve their programs, policies, and laws that will facilitate the development of reliable and affordable electricity infrastructure. NEDD also authorizes the export of electricity, issues permits for the construction of cross-border transmission lines, and is leading efforts to improve the coordination of Federal transmission permitting on Federal lands.

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The Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration Division leads efforts for securing the U.S. energy infrastructure against all hazards, reducing the impact of disruptive events, and responding to and facilitating recovery from energy disruptions, in collaboration with all levels of industry and State and local governments.

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