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2005 Electric Distribution Peer Review - Agenda and Presentations


Electric Distribution R&D
FY05 Annual Program and Peer Review Meeting

April 19 & 20, 2005
Georgia Tech Conference Center
Atlanta, Georgia

Agenda (PDF 96 KB)

Plenary Sessions

Welcome and Our New Office of Electricity and Energy Assurance - Kevin Kolevar, DOE  
Overview of the Electric Distribution R&D - Eric Lightner, DOE Presentation (PDF 883 KB).
GridWise Architectural Council - Rik Drummond, Drummond Group, Inc. Presentation (PDF 1.5 MB).
Advanced Grid Application Consortium (GridApp) - James Crane, Exelon Corp. Presentation (PDF 1.6 MB).

Session 1: Monitoring and Load Management Technologies

Cooperative Research and Development for Advanced Applications - Andrew Stanbury, AREVA T&D Presentation (PDF 468 KB).
Advanced Communication, Control, and Aggregation of Distributed Energy Resources - Haukur Asgeirsson, Detroit Edison Presentation (PDF 4.6 MB).
Cooperative Research and Development for Advanced Communication and Control - Thomas Yeh, Connected Energy Corp. Presentation (PDF 2.6 MB).
The Connecticut Power Technologies Project - Erik Bartone, Nxegen, Inc. Presentation (PDF 602 KB).
Cable Diagnostic Focused Initiative - Rick Hartlein, NEETRAC Presentation (PDF 1.2 MB).
Grid Friendly Appliance Development - Don Hammerstrom, PNNL Presentation (PDF 2.6 MB).
Pacific Northwest GridWise Testbed - Rob Pratt, PNNL Presentation (PDF 1.6 MB).
Distributed Intelligent Agents for Decision Making at Local Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Levels - David Cohen, Infotility, Inc./SBIR Presentation (PDF 1.3 MB).

Session 2: Architecture and Communication Standards

GridWise Architecture and Standards - Steve Widergren, PNNL Presentation (PDF 2.4 MB).

Session 3: Stakeholder and Institutional Adoption

Regional Implementation of IEEE 1547 - Tom Basso/Brad Johnson, NREL Presentation (PDF 677 KB).
Certification of Distributed Generation Interconnection Systems in Conformance to IEEE 1547 - Randy West, CTC Presentation (PDF 886 KB).

Session 4: Advanced Distribution Technologies and Operating Concepts

Interconnection Standards Development - Tom Basso, NREL Presentation (PDF 932 KB).
Interconnection Testing at NREL - Ben Kroposki, NREL Presentation (PDF 1.4 MB).
Innovative Distributed Power Interconnection and Control Systems - Joshua Meyer, Encorp/Gas Technology Institute Presentation (PDF 1.3 MB).
Distribution Utility Integration Test - Susan Horgan, Distributed Utility Associates Presentation (PDF 1.5 MB).
Micro-Distributed Generation Prototype in Vermont - Ed Linton, Northern Power Systems Presentation (PDF 591 KB).
Automated Energy Distribution and Reliability System in Indiana - Diane Buche/Nancy Hechlinski, Northern Indiana Public Service Company Presentation (PDF 592 KB).
Natural Energy Laboratory in Hawaii to Continue Development and Deployment of Distributed Energy Systems - Larry Markel, Sentech, Inc. Presentation (PDF 2.9 MB).
Center for Distributed Generation and Thermal Distribution at Washington State University - Robert O'Brien, Washington State University Presentation (PDF 2.9 MB).