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Response of the Potomac Electric Power Company to the Operating Plan of Mirant Potomac River, L.L.C.

Docket No. EO-05-01: In sum, although Pepco agrees wilh DOE's directive that Mirant "should immediately take the necessary steps to implement Option A of the intermediate phase proposed in the implementation plan,") that Option does not satisfy the concerns identified by DOE in its decision and Order. Pepco agrees that Option B and olher options Ihat are more consistent with the DOE order need to be considered. and Pepco urges the DOE to implement a compliance plan Ihat fully meets the requirements of the DOE Potomac River Order and restores system reliability to the levels existing prior to Mirant's unilateral shutdown in August 2005. Pepco will provide further comments based on its continued review and evaluation of Mirant's proposed operating plan.