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Request that DOE rescind Order No. 202-05-03 and Order No. 202-06-01

Docket No. EO-05-01: On behalf of the City of Alexandria ("Alexandria"), and pursuant to Department of Energy ("DOE") Order No. 202-05-3 and Order No. 202-06-1, we respectfully request that the DOE immediately rescind its authorization for the operation of the Potomac River Generating Station ("PRGS") under the so-called Operating Plan "Option A". The PRGS is not operating pursuant to the operating configuration set out in "Option A" and its operation is in violation of Federal and Commonwealth of Virginia air quality standards. We also submit comments herein to reply to the Potomac Electric Power Company's ("PEP CO") April 13, 2006 Response to Alexandria's Supplemental Comments filed in the above-referenced proceeding.