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Optimizing Asset Utilization and Operating Efficiency Efficiently, June 2008

Smart Grid Implementation Workshop Breakout Group Report, a discussion of metrics for smart grid implementation.  The following major caveats and findings were identified:

  • Optimizing asset utilization and operating efficiently depends on proper integration of technologies with business processes and associated IT
  • Build metrics, by definition, need to be updated regularly to reflect new technology
  • Build metrics should not be technology prescriptive or result innarrowing technology options for Smart Grid (should be as “technology agnostic”as possible)
  • Build metrics need to differentiate between statistics measuringnumber of deployed widgets/data versus having the widgets/data available for use
  • Focused value metrics are probably more critical, relevant, and meaningful than “build”metrics; however, build metrics could be considered as “leading indicators”of SG
  • Build metrics will be different for transmission, distribution and consumer parts of the “asset utilization and operating efficiently”smart grid characteristic
  • Advanced materials and equipment, local communications and local intelligence are also part of the solution for Smart Grid