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A National Grid Energy Storage Strategy - Electricity Advisory Committee - January 2014

The Electricity Advisory Committee (EAC) represents a wide cross section of electricity industry stakeholders. This document presents the EAC's vision for a national energy storage strategic plan. It provides an outline for guidance, alignment, coordination, and inspiration for governments, businesses, advocacy groups, academics, and others who share a similar vision for energy storage.

The strategy addresses applications of electric storage technologies that optimize the performance of the power grid once electric power has been generated and delivered to the network. It aims to provide a framework of guidance for DOE that is responsive to the broad set of conditions in technology development, business/market enterprise, and public policy that influence commercial investment in technologies such as energy storage.

This strategy was finalized during the teleconference meeting of the EAC held on January 24, 2014.

For more information about the committee's goals and activities, visit the EAC page. For more information on how OE performs research and development on a wide variety of storage technologies, visit the Energy Storage Program page.