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2012 Reliability & Markets Peer Review

The Transmission Reliability R&D Reliability & Markets Peer Review included 11 presentations over 2 days on August 7 - 8, 2012 at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Presentations and summaries are available through the links and the agenda is included below.

Summaries | Full Presentations

Day 1: August 7
  1. Transmission Investment Assessment Under Uncertainty About Fuel Prices, Technology, Renewables Penetration and Market Responses Using a Multi-State Stochastic Model Approach with Recourse
  2. Renewable Integration Through Risk-Limiting Dispatch and Distributed Resource Aggregations
  3. Development and Testing of New Tools
  4. Commercialization of the SuperOPF Framework: Phase 2
  5. Essence of Structure Preserving (ESP) Network Reductions for Engineering and Economic Analysis of High Penetration of Renewables
  6. A Business Model for Retail Aggregations of Responsive Load to Produce Wholesale Demand Side Resources
  7. Dynamic Energy and Environmental Dispatch of Power Systems
Day 2: August 8
  1. Evaluating the Effects of Managing Controllable Demand and Distributed Energy Resources Locally on System Performance and Costs
  2. Mapping Energy Futures: The SuperOPF Planning Tool
  3. Understanding the Effects of Data Quality on Market Functions
  4. Development of Attribute Preserving Network Equivalents