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2010 Transmission Reliability Program Peer Review

The Transmission Reliability research area focuses on two key areas: 1) Real-Time Grid Reliability Management and 2) Reliability and Markets. The first area develops monitoring and analysis tools that process synchrophasor data to enable real-time assessment of grid status and stability margins, with the goal of improving power system reliability and visibility through wide-area measurement and control. It is developing advanced technologies and tools to help create a resilient electric transmission system that can better detect disturbances, accommodate a variety of generation sources, and automatically reconfigure the grid to prevent widespread outages and/or rebalance the system. The second area focuses on developing a comprehensive set of integrated market and engineering design principles, tools, and technologies to support efficient, competitive electricity markets. These activities include modeling and simulating market rules, developing new computational methods, and performing real-time analysis of market behavior and its impact on market performance.