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Energy-Sector Stakeholders Attend the Department of Energy’s Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems Peer Review

August 15, 2011 - 1:12pm


The Department of Energy conducted a Peer Review of its Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems (CEDS) Research and Development Program on July 20-22, during which 28 R&D projects were presented for review by industry stakeholders. More than 65 energy sector stakeholders came to network, present, and learn about DOE projects, while more than 20 joined in by webinar.

The CEDS program’s national lab, academic, and industry partners—including the National SCADA Test Bed (NSTB) partners and Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG) project—presented DOE-supported efforts involving secured SCADA communications and smart grid applications, improved visualization and modeling, vulnerability assessments, and best practice security tools.

Nine expert reviewers—including representatives from energy providers, a public utilities commission, and the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC)—brought a wide industry perspective as they evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of each project. Reviewers identified parts of projects that worked well and should be emphasized, and likewise identified other parts that could benefit from redirection. Reviewers also drew on their extensive contact networks to recommend additional project partners for several efforts. The bi-annual Peer Review provides a forum to critically evaluate DOE’s portfolio of projects in this arena. Reviewer recommendations will be key in shaping CEDS program priorities and resource allocation in the future.

Each of the projects is aligned with the goals and challenges in the Roadmap to Secure Control Systems in the Energy Sector, and several are part of the 68 projects posted on the interactive energy Roadmap (ieRoadmap). By reviewing these projects, DOE can ensure that it is developing the technologies needed to enhance the survivability of energy control systems.

Visit the 2010 CEDS Peer Review website to learn more about this event and past Peer Reviews. Project presentations and a final report, including overall scores and recommendations, are coming soon.