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DOE NSTB Researchers Demonstrate R&D Successes to Asset Owners at EnergySec Conference

October 1, 2009 - 1:26pm


More than 150 energy sector leaders—including nearly 100 asset owners and operators—gathered at the 2009 EnergySec Annual Summit in Seattle, WA, on Sept. 23-24, where researchers from the Department of Energy’s National SCADA Test Bed (NSTB) Program gave a four-hour demonstration and presentation of their Roadmap-related control systems security work.

EnergySec is an information sharing forum with more than 230 utility members representing 75 energy companies across the nation. Its fifth annual conference drew asset owners, vendors, and government representatives for presentations and discussions on NERC CIP standards, collaborative industry efforts to secure the Smart Grid, and control systems R&D.

EnergySec invited researchers from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to demonstrate their R&D work. INL collaborated with Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) to develop a four-hour demonstration showcasing national lab collaboration on testing, training, and commercialization efforts as part of the NSTB Program.

INL presented on its Advanced Red Team/Blue Team SCADA Security Training, a week-long course that includes a 12-hour exercise in an actual control systems environment, in which the group splits into an attack (red) cell, a defend (blue) cell, and a management (white) cell. Participants leave with security techniques they can immediately take back and use in their facility. INL also presented its yearly Common Vulnerabilities Report, which the lab compiles based on its system vulnerability assessments through NSTB.

The National Energy Technology Laboratory presented on commercialization efforts by several of DOE’s industry-led R&D projects, while Sandia National Laboratories demonstrated its threat analysis capabilities developed through NSTB.

A question and answer session following the demonstration generated significant discussion about NSTB’s R&D efforts. Dale Peterson, director of control systems research company Digital Bond, blogged about the demonstration session at Peterson also presented two of his ieRoadmap-listed projects—Bandolier and Portaledge—the day before.