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Annual Planning Summaries


DOE Order 451.1B, National Environmental Compliance Program, Section 4.d, requires that an annual NEPA planning summary will describe briefly: (1) the status of ongoing NEPA compliance activities, (2) any environmental assessments expected to be prepared in the next 12 months, (3) any environmental impact statements expected to be prepared in the next 24 months, and (4) the planned cost and schedule for completion of each NEPA review identified. Additionally, every 3 years [starting with 1995], each Field Organization must include an evaluation of whether a site-wide environmental impact statement would facilitate future NEPA compliance efforts.

DOE Order 451.1B, Section 5.a.(7), requires that each Secretarial Officer and Head of a Field Organization shall, for matters under the office's purview, submit an annual NEPA planning summary to the General Counsel by January 31 of each year and make it available to the public. 


The Annual Planning Summary Report Template and User's Guide is provided to facilitate report preparation.