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Latest Documents and Notices

February 5, 2016
EA-1963: Final Environmental Assessment

Elba Liquefaction Project; Chatham, Hart, Jefferson, and Effingham Counties, Georgia, and Jasper County, South Carolina

February 4, 2016
EIS-0463 and EIS-0463-S1: DOE Notice of Public Hearings

Northern Pass Transmission Line Project, New Hampshire

February 3, 2016
EIS-0370: Record of Decision

Windy Gap Firming Project; North Central Colorado

February 2, 2016
EIS-0436: Final Environmental Impact Statement

I-5 Corridor Reinforcement Project; Multnomah County, Oregon, and Cowlitz and Clark Counties, Washington

February 2, 2016
EA-1934: 2015 Annual Report for Mitigation Action Plan

Expansion of Active Borrow Areas, Hanford Site, Richland, Washington

February 1, 2016
EA-1961: Draft Environmental Assessment

Kalispell-Kerr Transmission Line Rebuild Project; Kalispell and Polson, Montana

January 15, 2016
EA-1977: Draft Environmental Assessment

Acceptance and Disposition of Spent Nuclear Fuel Containing U.S.-Origin Highly Enriched Uranium From the Federal Republic of Germany

January 11, 2016
EA-2022: Finding of No Significant Impact

Sleeping Giant Hydropower Project; Helena, Montana

January 11, 2016
EA-2022: Final Environmental Assessment

Sleeping Giant Hydropower Project; Helena, Montana

January 11, 2016
EA-2020: Draft Environmental Assessment

Energy Efficiency Standards for New Federal Low-Rise Residential Buildings’ Baseline Standards Update (RIN 1904-AD56)