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Lessons Learned Quarterly Report, September 2010

Welcome to the 64th quarterly report on lessons learned in the NEPA process. In this issue, we feature reflections on the 40th Anniversary of NEPA from the DOE NEPA Community. We also continue to report on activities to enhance transparency in the NEPA process, including a new DOE policy and recent recommendations from CEQ. Thank you for your continuing support of the Lessons Learned program. As always, we welcome your suggestions for improvement.

Articles included in this issue:

  • DOE Uses e-NEPA To Enhance Public Participation
  • Lessons from Oil Spill Review Apply Broadly
  • Reflections on NEPA at 40
  • CX Determination: NEPA Review or Exemption?
  • 2010 Stakeholders Directory Issued
  • DOE NEPA Order Updated
  • Recovery Act NEPA Reviews Keep Pace
  • Multiple Dates and Addresses in Federal Register Notices
  • President Establishes Nation’s First Ocean Policy
  • Transitions
  • Litigation Updates
  • CEQ Updates Its FOIA Regulations
  • Training Opportunities
  • DOE Environmental Attorneys’ Training
  • EAs and EISs Completed
  • Cost and Time Facts
  • Recent EIS-Related Milestones
  • Questionnaire Results
  • EPA Reference for Energy Efficiency Planning and Analysis