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Lessons Learned Quarterly Report, March 1996

Welcome to the newly-revised Quarterly Report of Lessons Learned in the NEPA process.  In response to reader suggestions, we have expanded the scope of the report to provide a wider variety of NEPArelated information, and enhanced the format for better clarity and overall readability.

This Quarterly Report includes:

  • A NEPA SUCCESS STORY: Environmental Impact Statement for the Safe Interim Storage of Hanford Tank Wastes
  • NEPA lessons learned at the Hanford Site 
  • Mini-guidance on the preparation of EIS summaries, properly eliminating alternatives and impacts from detailed analysis, application of DOE NEPA regulations to procurement, and NEPA questions and answers 
  • Updates on the proposed amendments to DOE’s NEPA regulations, NEPA Contracting Reform Guidance and an upcoming workshop, the Federal Environmental Quality Awards program, and a Lessons Learned alert
  • First quarter FY 1996  Lessons Learned Questionnaireresults, including EIS and EA cost and time reports, and the cumulative median cost of EAs