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Lessons Learned Quarterly Report, June 2004

Welcome to the 39th quarterly report on lessons learned in the NEPA process. In this issue we are continuing a multi-part examination of lessons learned from Lessons Learned. We invite your suggestions on how to improve the Lessons Learned program. Thank you for your continuing support.

Articles included in this issue:

  • “Open House” Format for Scoping Meetings Provides DOE Valuable Input for Yucca Rail EIS
  • Lesson Learned from Lessons Learned
  • Apply Common Sense: Reduce Unfamilar Abbreviations
  • Carbon Sequestration Programmatic EIS
  • The Libyan Connection: Emergency Action Needed
  • NEPA Strategy Adjusts to Changing Circumstances
  • Card Game Highlights Diversity at NEPA Clinic
  • About the Yucca Rail Alignment EIS
  • Repository Program and NEPA Process
  • Improvements to the DOE NEPA Stakeholder Directory
  • NAEP Environmental Excellence Awards
  • EH Celebrates Earth Day
  • EH Hosts Pollution Prevention Teleconference
  • Litigation Updates
  • DOE-wide NEPA Contacts Update
  • DOE Submits Cooperating Agency Report
  • Transitions
  • Training Opportunities
  • EAs and EISs Completed This Quarter
  • Cost and Time Facts
  • Recent EIS Milestones
  • Second Quarter FY2004 Questionnaire Results