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Lessons Learned Quarterly Report, June 1998

Welcome to the second quarter FY 1998 Quarterly Report on lessons learned in the NEPA process. 

Articles in this issue include:

  • NCO Meeting in DC
    • The Role of the NCO
    • Special  Considerations in Applying Categorical Exclusions
    • NEPA Training Anticipated
    • DOE-wide NEPA Contracts
    • Integrating NEPA with Other Reviews
    • Advice from GC
  • NRC Adopts DOE NEPA Documents at NEEL
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Clean Air Act Conformity Requirements
  • Ecological Society Briefing  
  • NAPA Evaluates DOE NEPA Program
  • NEPA Guidance Updates
  • Litigation Updates
  • Second Quarter FY98 Questionnaire Results
  • EIS-related Documents
  • Recent EIS Milestones
  • EA Completion Times and Costs