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EIS-0385-S1: Notice of Intent to Prepare a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and Conduct Public Scoping

Ancillary Facilities for the Richton Site of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Mississippi

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT, P.L. 109–58) required the Department of Energy (DOE) to expand the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) from its current 727 million-barrel capacity to 1 billion barrels. In order to fulfill the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for the expansion project, DOE prepared the environmental impact statement (EIS) Site Selection for the Expansion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (DOE/EIS– 0385). In the Record of Decision (ROD), published in the Federal Register on February 22, 2007, DOE announced its selection of Richton, Mississippi, as the location of a new SPR facility as part of the expansion project. The site was selected for its large and undeveloped salt dome, enhanced oil distribution capabilities, and inland location that is less vulnerable to the damaging effects of hurricanes.