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EIS-0380-SA-01: Supplement Analysis

Continued Operation of Los Alamos National Laboratory: Proposed Transport of Low Level Radioactive Waste by Truck and Rail

This analysis is prepared to determine if the Final Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement (2008 SWEIS) for Continued Operation of Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico, (DOE/EIS-0380) adequately bounds off-site transportation of Low Specific Activity (LSA) and Low Level Waste (LLW) by a combination of truck and rail to Energy Solutions in Clive, Utah. DOE proposes to ship an estimated 15,000 cubic yards of LSA and LLW from the North Ancho Canyon Aggregate Area to EnergySolutions in Clive, Utah (referred to as EnergySolutions or the Clive Facility throughout), by truck and rail. Specifically, the waste is fi'om Material Disposal Area Y IMDA Y also known as Solid Waste Managemenr Unit (SWMU) 39-001 (b)1, SWMU 39-001(a), and Los Alamos Site Monitoring Area 2 (LA-SMA-2).