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EIS-0340: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

NE Oregon Hatchery Program: Grande Ronde Imnaha Spring Chinook Project

To assist in the conservation and recovery of Chinook salmon native to the Grande Ronde River and Imnaha River subbasins, the Proposed Action of updating and modifying two existing hatcheries and constructing three new hatchery facilities at other sites is being studied in this Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS). BPA proposes to fund the capital improvements and the operation and maintenance of all five facilities to aid BPA’s efforts to mitigate and recover anadromous fish affected by the Federal Columbia River Power System. The Lower Snake River run of spring/summer chinook was listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in 1992.This Draft EIS evaluates the Proposed Action and a No Action Alternative in detail. Considered, but eliminated from detailed study were nearly 40 alternative sites, which were found to be unsuitable due to insufficient water quality and/or volume at critical times of the fish production cycle, distance to native spawning grounds (important for young fish ‘imprinting’ to native waters), or lack of space (too little land available).