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EIS-0337: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

West Valley Demonstration Project Waste Management

The purpose of the Draft West Valley Demonstration Project Waste Management Environmental Impact Statement is to provide information on the environmental impacts of the Department of Energy’s proposed action to ship radioactive wastes that are either currently in storage, or that will be generated from operations over the next 10 years, to offsite disposal locations, and to continue its ongoing onsite waste management activities. Decommissioning or long-term stewardship decisions will be reached based on a separate EIS that is being prepared for that decisionmaking. This EIS evaluates the environmental consequences that may result from actions to implement the proposed action, including the impacts to the onsite workers and the offsite public from waste transportation and onsite waste management. The EIS analyzes a no action alternative, under which most wastes would continue to be stored onsite over the next 10 years. It also analyzes an alternative under which certain wastes would be shipped to interim offsite storage locations prior to disposal, and actions that would be taken in the onsite high-level waste storage tanks to add a retrievable grout to provide additional interim stabilization. The Department’s preferred alternative is to ship wastes to offsite disposal locations and continue to manage the waste storage tanks without taking additional interim stabilization measures.