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EIS-0312: Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement

Fish and Wildlife Implementation Plan for the Bonneville Power Administration

Throughout the Pacific Northwest region there are several ongoing processes to develop plans and programs for the management, recovery, and mitigation of the Columbia River Basin’s fish and wildlife resources. These plans and programs will help to shape a regional fish and wildlife policy direction that will guide BPA’s mitigation and recovery efforts, including its funding, for the next decade or more. BPA expects to shift its fish and wildlife spending accordingly. BPA currently funds over 70 percent of the fish and wildlife mitigation and recovery efforts on behalf of the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS). Consequently, BPA has a responsibility to understand the impacts of those efforts and to ensure it can fund them efficiently. Therefore, BPA intends to prepare an EIS that examines the impacts that may arise from implementing one of the fish and wildlife policy directions reflected in the alternatives being considered in the ongoing regional processes. BPA will coordinate the scoping meetings and comment processes for this EIS with the other ongoing regional processes. However, BPA is preparing this EIS for its own purposes, and the EIS is not a predicate for decisions by other Federal agencies.