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EIS-0310-SA-02: Notice of Availability of Supplement Analysis and Determination

Nuclear Infrastructure Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement Supplement Analysis Determination for Plutonium-238 Production for Radioisotope Power Systems

DOE has completed a Supplement Analysis (SA) of the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Accomplishing Expanded Civilian Nuclear Energy Research and Development and Isotope Production Missions in the United States, Including the Role of the Fast Flux Test Facility (Nuclear Infrastructure or NI PEIS) (DOE/EIS-0310) published in December 2000. In accordance with DOE's NEPA Implementing Procedures at 10 CFR 1021.314, DOE has determined that the SA has not identified substantial changes to the original proposal for production of Pu-238 analyzed in the NI PEIS or significant new circumstances or information relevant to environmental concerns which would warrant preparation of a supplement to the NI PEIS or a new EIS and that the NI PEIS Record of Decision (ROD) published on January 26, 2001 (66 FR 7877) may be implemented without any additional NEPA review.