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EIS-0305: Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Treating Transuranic/Alpha Low-Level Waste at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

This EIS evaluates the potential environmental impacts of a  proposal to construct, operate, and decontaminate/decommission a TRU Waste Treatment Facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The four waste types that would be treated at the proposed facility would be remote-handled TRU mixed waste sludge, liquid low-level waste associated with the sludge, contact-handled TRU/alpha low-level waste solids, and remote-handled TRU/alpha low-levelwaste solids. The mixed sludge and some of the solid waste contain metals regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and may be classified as mixed waste.

This document analyzes the potential environmental impacts associated with five alternatives—No Action, the Low-Temperature Drying Alternative (Preferred Alternative), the Vitrification Alternative, the Cementation Alternative, and Treatment and Waste Storage at Oak Ridge National Laboratory Alternative.

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