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EIS-0288-S1: Notice of Intent to Prepare a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Production of Tritium in a Commercial Light Water Reactor

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Mr. Curtis Chambellan, Document Manager
U.S. Department of Energy
National Nuclear Security Administration
Box 5400, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185-5400
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The public scoping meeting was held on October 20, 2011 at the
Southeast Tennessee Trade and Conference Center, Athens, TN.,
6:30-10:00 pm.

The NNSA announces its intent to prepare a SEIS to update the environmental analyses in DOE’s 1999 EIS for the Production of Tritium in a Commercial Light Water Reactor (CLWR EIS; DOE/EIS–0288). The CLWR EIS addressed the production of tritium in Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) reactors using tritium-producing burnable absorber rods (TPBARs). In the Record of Decision (ROD) for the CLWR EIS, NNSA selected TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 1 and Sequoyah Units 1 and 2, located in Spring City and Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee, respectively, for tritium production. TVA has been producing tritium for NNSA at Watts Bar Unit 1 since 2004.