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EIS-0285-SA-452: Supplement Analysis

Supplement Analysis for the Transmission System Vegetation Management Program FEIS (DOE/EIS-0285/SA-452 Ross-St. Johns No. 1) PP&A Project #2108

BPA proposes to clear unwanted vegetation along and adjacent to the transmission line corridor and access roads of the 230-kV Ross-St. Johns No. 1 transmission line corridor from Ross Substation to St. Johns Substation. Other lines that are present within the corridor are the 230-kV Ross-Rivergate No. 1; the 230-kV Ross-Alcoa No. 3; the 115-kV Ross-Alcoa No. 1, No. 2, and No. 4; and the 115-kV Ross-Carborundum No. 1 line. The ROW corridor in the proposed project area measures from 125 to 295 feet in width and crosses approximately nine miles of terrain through fee-owned, urban residential, rural residential, industrial, agricultural, and private lands.