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EIs-0285-0455: Supplement Analysis

Transmission System Vegetation Management Program FEIS-- (Bandon-Rogue No. 1) PP&A Project #2178

The project activities would be conducted along the 115-kV Bandon-Rogue No. 1 transmission line corridor from Bandon Substation to Rogue Substation. The 230-kV Fairview-Rogue is also present within the corridor. The ROW corridor in the proposed project area measures from 100 to 400 feet in width and crosses approximately 46 miles of terrain through fee-owned, rural residential, agricultural, public and private lands.

This Supplement Analysis finds that (1) the proposed actions are substantially consistent with the Transmission System Vegetation Management Program FEIS (DOE/EIS-0285) and ROD, and; (2) there are no new circumstances or information relevant to environmental concerns and bearing on the proposed actions or their impacts. Therefore, no further NEPA documentation is required.