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EIS-0245-SA-03: Supplement Analysis

Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel from the K Basins at the Hanford Site, Richland, Washington

DOE prepared this Supplement Analysis (SA) to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of two proposed actions: (1) to store the sludge (referring to as “knock out pot product material”) separated from the K Basin spent nuclear fuel (SNF), water, and other debris at the 200 East Area Canister Storage Building; and (2) to store SNF in multi-canister overpacks with or without installing and welding a final cover cap.  This SA considers whether the proposed actions make substantial changes to actions already considered in existing NEPA analyses or whether there are new circumstances or new information that would trigger the need for a supplemental environmental impact statement.

Based on the analysis in the SA, DOE determined that the proposed action does not constitute significant new circumstances or information relevant to environmental concerns, therefore no additional review under NEPA is required.

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