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EIS-0218-SA-02: Supplement Analysis

Foreign Research Reactor (FRR) Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Acceptance Program

The objective of this analysis was to determine whether a supplement to the orginal FRR SNF EIS was needed. The orginal EIS broadly evaluated the transport by ship of spent nuclear fuel from CNWS to INEEL. This Supplement Analysis examined the potential impacts of accepting foreign research reactor spent nuclear fuel from 41 eligible countries under three scenarios not specifically examined in the orginal EIS. These three scenarios were: 

(1) accepting FRR SNF that would have been eligible for receipt under criteria set forth in the EIS, but which was not included in the estimated spent fuel inventories for purposes of

(2) accepting quantities of spent fuel from specific countries in quantities greater than those identified for that country in the EIS, but within the overall numbers specified in the EIS
and Record of Decision (ROD) issued on May 13, 1996 (published in the Federal Register on May 17, 1996 (61 Fed. Reg. 25092)) and revised July 25, 1996 (61 Fed. Reg. 38720); and

{3) transporting more than eight casks of spent fuel on a single ocean going vessel.