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EIS-0218-SA-01: Supplement Analysis

Foreign Research Reactor (FRR) Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) Acceptance Program

The objective of this analysis was to determine whether a supplement to the orginal FRR SNF EIS was needed. The EIS evaluated the transport by truck and rail of 38 casks of spent nuclear fuel from CNWS to INEEL. Because of the variety of truck and rail routes between CNWS and INEEL, the EIS used representative routes for each transport mode for the calculations of the radiological risk. This Supplement Analysis examined the potential impacts of transporting spent nuclear fuel along a rail route that deviates somewhat from the representative route in the EIS, by bypassing Reno and Sparks to the north, and compares the impacts from this alternate route to those estimated in the EIS. In addition, this Supplement Analysis examines the recent rail incidents in the vicinity of the CNWS to determine if those incidents present any significant new information or circumstances relevant to environmental concerns.