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EIS-0200-SA-03: Supplement Analysis

Treatment of Transuranic Waste at the Idaho National Laboratory, Carlsbad Field Office

In order to dispose of TRU waste at WIPP, DOE needs to characterize the waste to determine that it meets WIPP Waste Acceptance Criteria, treat and package the waste as necessary, and transport it to WIPP. DOE has a continuing need to minimize operating costs of its TRU Waste Management Program, while preserving high quality characterization, treatment, and disposal operations. A number of DOE sites have small amounts of TRU waste and/or lack the costly facilities necessary to process the waste in compliance with State of New Mexico, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and WIPP requirements. DOE needs to use existing, specialized facilities at INL to prepare the waste from other sites for disposal at WIPP, because setting up duplicative characterization or other necessary facilities at other sites would not be practical or cost effective.