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EIS-0197: Supplement to Record of Decision

Delivery of the Canadian Entitlement

The United States Entity has decided to supplement an earlier decision regarding the Canadian Entitlement. The United States Entity issued a Delivery of the Canadian Entitlement Record of Decision (ROD) on November 8, 1996. The ROD was based on the Delivery of the Canadian Entitlement Environmental Impact Statement (DOE/EIS- 0197, issued in January 1996). The November 1996 ROD announced the United States Entity decision to fulfill its obligation under the Columbia River Treaty (Treaty) between Canada and the United States of America (United States) by delivering the full Canadian Entitlement (Entitlement) at existing transmission interconnections between the United States and Canada near Blaine, Washington, and Nelway, British Columbia (BC). The November 1996 ROD also replaced an earlier March 12, 1996, ROD.