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EIS-0082-S2: Record of Decision

Savannah River Site Salt Processing Alternatives, Aiken, South Carolina

The Savannah River Site Salt Processing Alternatives Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Salt Processing SEIS, DOE/EIS–0082–S2) considered alternatives for separating the high-activity fraction from the low- activity fraction of the high-level radioactive salt waste now stored in underground tanks at the Savannah River Site (SRS) near Aiken, South Carolina. Based on the analysis in the SEIS and the results of laboratory scale research and development and independent reviews, DOE determined that any of the alternatives evaluated could be implemented with only small and acceptable environmental impacts. DOE has decided to implement Caustic Side Solvent Extraction for separation of radioactive cesium from SRS salt wastes because the solvent extraction process is robust and efficient, and DOE has experience with similar solvent extraction processes such as PUREX (Plutonium—Uranium Extraction).