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EIS-0026-SA-07: Supplement Analysis

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Site-Wide Operations, Carlsbad Field Office

The Proposed Action is to continue the transportation of waste to WIPP by truck and the operation of the WIPP for the disposal of TRU waste generated by DOE defense activities. Since WIPP operations began, WIPP has implemented or proposed several initiatives to increase the efficiency of its operations. To meet the requirement that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shall recertify WIPP's continued compliance with EPA Disposal regulations every five years on the anniversary of first waste receipt, DOE continues to update its TRU waste inventory on a yearly basis and has submitted two Compliance Recertification Applications (CRAs) to the EPA, in 2004 and 2009. These CRAs assess the impacts of the inventory changes and WIPP operational changes on WIPP's ability to meet the EPA's regulatory requirements. This supplement analysis will examine any changes to transportation, operational, or long-term performance impacts as a result of changed information contained in the TRU waste inventory and WIPP's CRA submitted to EPA in March 2009.