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EA-1938: Final Environmental Assessment

Grieve Unit CO2 Enhanced Recovery Project, Natrona County, WY

The Bureau of Land Management prepared, with DOE’s Western Area Power Administration (Western) as a cooperating agency, an EA to analyze the potential environmental impacts of a proposal by Elk Petroleum Incorporated to implement enhanced recovery from the Cretaceous Muddy “Grieve Sand” in the Grieve Unit using a miscible carbon dioxide (CO2) flood with water injection to assist with reservoir repressurization. The proposed action includes drilling ten new wells; installing a CO2 pipeline, an aboveground 230 kV transmission line, an underground 25 kV power distribution line, and two electrical substations; replacing and enlarging an existing infield fluids gathering and distribution system; and replacing the existing central production facility. Western adopted the EA and issued a finding of no significant impact on 9/13/2012.