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EA-1912: Mitigation Action Plan

Midway-Benton No. 1 Rebuild Project, neartown of Desert Aire, Benton County, Washington

This Mitigation Action Plan (MAP) is part of the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Midway-Benton No. 1 Transmission Line Rebuild Project. The Proposed Action would replace the approximately 28.2-mile-long, 115-kilovolt (kV) Midway-Benton No. 1 transmission line and approximately 11 miles of the 115-kV Benton-Othello No. 1 transmission line between the existing Midway and Benton Substations, located on the Handford Site in Benton County, Washington. This MAP is for the Proposed Action and includes all of the integral elements and commitments made in the Environmental Assessment (EA) to mitigate any potential adverse environmental impacts.