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EA-1912: Draft Environmental Assessment

Midway-Benton No. 1 Rebuild Project Benton County, WA

This EA evaluates the potential environmental impacts of a proposal to rebuild its 115-kilovolt(kV) wood-pole Midway-Benton No. 1 transmission line and the BPA-owned portion of the 115-kV wood-pole Benton-Othello No. 1 transmission line. The lines are aging and require replacing wood-pole structures and other components of the transmission line. The Midway-Benton No. 1 and Benton-Othello No. 1 transmission lines currently follow the 230-kV steel Midway-Benton No. 2 transmission line. At this time, BPA is not proposing any work on the Midway-Benton No. 2 transmission line.