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EA-1894: Finding of No Significant Impact

Albeni Falls Flexible Winter Lake Operations, Bonner, Idaho

As a result of the analysis in this EA, I have the following findings. I find that: 1) the FWPO is not a substantial change from the SOR EIS proposed action relevant to environmental concerns; and, 2) there are no significant new circumstances or information relevant to environmental concerns and bearing on the SOR EIS proposed action or its impacts (40 C.F.R. §1502.9(c)). I have determined for my respective agency that preparation of a new or supplemental Environmental Impact Statement is not warranted to implement FWPO. As a result of the analysis in this EA, I also find that the actions proposed andn evaluated in this EA do not result in any new significant impacts to the human environment within the meaning of the National Environmental Policy Act. Accordingly, I have decided to proceed with adoption of FWPO as a winter management operation at Albeni Falls Dam at this time.