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EA-1890: Finding of No Significant Impact

Reedsport PB150 Deployment and Ocean Test Project, Oregon

The U.S. Department of Energy has selected Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) for approximately $2.4 million in financial assistance and proposes to authorize the expenditure of federal funding to OPT for the construction, deployment, and ocean testing of a single, full scale 150kW PB150 PowerBuoy. The funding would support Phase 1 of OPT's proposed 3-phase project. At the end of the Phase 1 period, the buoy would be retrieved, undergo maintenance, and be redeployed as part of Phase 2 activities. Phase 2 would consist of installing ten PowerBuoys and interconnections to the electrical power grid. In Phase 3, OPT plans to reapply to FERC to amend the 10-PowerBuoy license to allow expansion of the project to 50 MW.