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EA-1861: Final Environmental Assessment

Frito-Lay Biomass Boiler Project, Beloit, Wisconsin


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is proposing to authorize the expenditure of Federal grant funding to design, permit, and construct a biomass boilerhouse at the Frito-Lay North America (Frito-Lay) plant in Beloit, Wisconsin. DOE awarded the grant under the State Energy Program, but has not yet authorized the expenditure of grant funds on this proposed project. DOE prepared this EA to evaluate the potential environmental consequences of DOE’s Proposed Action, which is to authorize the expenditure of Federal funding for Frito-Lay’s proposed boilerhouse. DOE’s Proposed Action would authorize up to $5.5 million in grant expenditures. The total cost of Frito-Lay’s proposed project would be approximately $6 million.
Frito-Lay would construct and operate a new boilerhouse for a wood chip boiler and purchase wood fuel from regional suppliers (proposed project). The proposed project would reduce the amount of natural gas the plant burns to provide high-pressure steam for operations. The project would also reduce the amount of wood products disposed of at local landfills.