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EA-1851: Draft Environmental Assessment

Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC, Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component
Manufacturing Initiative

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Ms. Pierina Fayish
U.S. Department of Energy
National Energy Technology Laboratory
P.O. Box 10940, MS: 922-M217
Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Fax: 412-386-4775
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DOE prepared this EA to evaluate the potential environmental consequences of providing a financial assistance grant under the American Recovery andReinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) to Delphi Automotive Systems, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) (Delphi). Delphi proposes to construct a laboratoryreferred to as the “Delphi Kokomo, IN Corporate Technology Center” (Delphi CTC Project) and retrofit a manufacturing facility. The project wouldadvance DOE’s Vehicle Technology Program through manufacturing and testing of electric-drive vehicle components as well as assist in the nation’s economic recovery by creating manufacturing jobs in the United States. The Delphi CTC Project would involve the construction and operation of a 10,700 square foot (ft2)utilities building containing boilers and heaters and a 70,000 ft2 engineering laboratory, as well as site improvements (roads, parking, buildings, landscaping,and lighting). The engineering laboratory would house equipment for helping to validate the readiness of new products for manufacture in Delphi’s KokomoMorgan Street (KMS) facility. Delphi’s KMS facility is an existing 93,000 ft2 leased facility that Delphi would modify and equip for validating and producingadvanced automotive electric drive components.

DOE’s proposed action would provide approximately $89.3 million in financial assistance in a costsharing arrangement to Delphi. The total cost of the proposed project would be approximately $178.6 million.