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EA-1804: Final Environmental Assessment

Sauk Valley Community College's Wind Energy Project, Dixon, Lee County, Illinois

DOE is proposing to authorize the expenditure of Federal funding to design, permit, and construct a single-turbine wind energy project to provide renewable energy to fulfill 100 percent of Sauk Valley Community College’s (SVCC) annual electricity demand and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. DOE has authorized SVCC to use a percentage of their federal funding for preliminary activities, which include EA preparation, studies related to the EA (noise, shadow flicker, visual), and obtaining local permits. The activities are associated with the Proposed Project and do not significantly impact the environment nor represent an irreversible or irretrievable commitment by DOE in advance of the conclusion of the EA for the Proposed Project. Illinois proposes to provide SVCC a $500,000 grant, which would come from a formula grant that Illinois received from DOE pursuant to the Department’s State Energy Program. This EA analyzes the potential environmental impacts of the proposed installation, operation, and decommissioning of the SVCC wind energy project and the alternative of not implementing this project (the No-Action Alternative).